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Field in Autumn

   Melissa Husted-Sherman

"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a

secret order." Carl Jung

As I ride my bike, I contemplate the landscape along the road. At first, the scene seems homogeneous, even nondescript. However, the mass soon differentiates itself into individual elements.There are pale ochre grasses mixing with aqua-marine and sage-colored grasses. Overhead wires cast crescent-shaped shadows on the road. A cloud drifts overhead, and as it moves some grasses become dark echos of their sunlit companions. The road itself is a mysterious thing, with indications of former passings: bits of glass, old signs, indecipherable markings, weathered characters which could be mistaken for runes. This road intersects with another, then another. The roads divide the landscape into discrete areas. And yet, nature creeps back over the edges, softening, blending, erasing the sharp distinctions.

I try to distill and consolidate my experience of the landscape into my painting. I seek an equilibrium between the exuberance of nature’s disorder and the meditative calm of minimalism.  I want to encourage the viewer to pause and to attend for a moment, to contemplate the tension between chaos and order, simple and complex, geometric and organic, spontaneous and deliberate.